Cooking for Children [PDF]

Cooking for Children [PDF]

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Cooking for Children [PDF]

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Cooking for Children: No Mess, No Fuss, No Problem
Silverback Books | 2005 | ISBN: 1596370408 | Pages: 64 | PDF | 14 MB

Cooking healthy food that children like to eat almost sounds like an oxymoron. This book takes the difficulty out of cooking for children with great-tasting recipes that are (shhh!) good for you. Make cooking for the family a treat, rather than a chore! These quick, no-fuss recipes easily incorporate healthy ingredients with kid-friendly tastes. Fun, imaginative, and easy-to-prepare recipes such as Berry Yogurt Smoothies, Carrot Corn Salad and Summer Noodles will have your kids asking for these meals by name. Super-easy, everyday ingredients and preparation instructions are perfect for whipping up weekday meals, including helpful hints on making food ahead of time. Discover useful tips on allergies, eating problems and what to cook when your child is sick, as well as a detailed section on health and nutrition. Over 70 beautiful color photographs, and 64 pages of easy-to-follow instructions. Learn how to make mealtimes a great-tasting and enjoyable experience for everyone

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